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“Milagros Caninos” is the first Latin-American dog sanctuary for dogs in dire conditions. We’re dedicated to caring and rehabilitating dogs with cancer, without legs, blind, deaf, burn victims, tortured, crippled, violated and or drugged, among many other conditions.

Here we give them the opportunity to lead a dignified life, giving them food and shelter, a place to run and play, and most of all, we give them love: something they never had. And what we get in exchange is a lick or a tail wagging joyfully, sometimes even an eternally grateful gaze.

We invite you to come and meet our almost 300 dogs that live with us, to know their stories and see their smiles.

Who are we?

“Milagros Caninos” is a dog sanctuary, for dogs in the direst situations: cancer, without legs, blind, deaf, tortured, violated, etc.

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Our Dogs

All of our dogs need dry dog food, canned dog food, beds, sweaters, dishes, cleaning products, dog houses, etc.

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How can I help?

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Some of our dogs are up for adoption; not those that have cancer, are of old age or that have some illness that is expensive to care for or that require a complicated treatment.

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How to schedule a visit
Guided visits take place once a month, on Sundays and access is free. Dates are posted in the events section.

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Social Service

Carry out your university social service with us. We need veterinary medical students or any other profession, what matters is being kind to the dogs and to be willing to help all the dogs here in “Milagros Caninos” in their treatment and rehabilitation, or to help out carrying out any kind of work outside of the sanctuary.


In order for “Milagros Caninos” to continue with its work in supporting those that cannot care for themselves, we need the help of the people who will join the cause through volunteer work.

You can help us care, pet, bathe, brush the dogs, give petting therapy, look for donations, help us with the guided visits here and other events and even play with the dogs. You can also help us inside the sanctuary washing their dog houses and cleaning. BECOME A VOLUNTEER!

School Visits
School groups can come to “Milagros Caninos” facilities and learn the values that dogs have to teach us. Also, some of our dogs can visit schools and be with the students, besides having the opportunity to listen to a talk by Paty Ruiz about the importance of caring for animals.

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Corporate Visits
Your Company can also visit “Milagros Caninos” facilities to carry out social work and social activities that will bring your work team closer together.

Another option is to have a Family Day in which your Company employees can bring companions and have an incredible experience with our dogs.

For further information, please get in touch with us at

Private Events

Paty Ruiz may go to your place of business, school or any other forum to speak of her experiences regarding animal abuse, where her love for dogs has taken her and to show how we can say yes to life notwithstanding the circumstances.

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