How to help

Unfortunately, Mexican laws are not efficient in favoring animals. In Mexico City alone, there are over 3 million vulnerable street dogs that multiply with each passing day. Our society is not educated enough in regards to respecting animals. “Milagros Caninos” is not the solution to this serious problem. Although we would like to help all the dogs in Mexico, it is impossible for us, as well as it is for any other association or shelter.

Therefore, we only specialize in helping dogs that are living under the direst situations: cancer, blind, deaf and handicapped, among many other cases that require specific attention. We also want to create a culture towards animals through our guided visits, books and conferences.

If you wish to join our cause, there are many ways to do so. Know all of the ways you can help:

Become a Sponsor

Through our sponsorship program, you can contribute to take care of our dogs with a monthly donation charged to your credit or debit card. The transaction would be carried out through PayPal.

PayPal is currently the safest way to make a payment via internet since it has a fraud prevention system with 24-hour monitoring and advanced data protection.

Monthly Donations via Paypal

The PayPal system has a pre-set menu (we do not assign the amounts) to choose from $10 USD to $150 USD monthly.

If you wish to make a donation for some other amount, it is just as appreciated and we can explain how to make your donation below. After you have registered as a sponsor, send us an e-mail to: so we can add you to our database.

All Sponsors:

Receive a monthly report on the most relevant news and photos of the dogs.
They have Access to special visits for Sponsors.
They can visit all of their sponsored dogs during the guided visits.
They may request an extemporary visit (subject to available dates).

All donations are tax deductible, we just need to have your fiscal data and the proof of donation.

Donations via PayPal
You can make a donation from your cell phone, computer or tablet for any amount you wish.

Through PayPal

Enter the amount you wish to donate in USD.

Donations in Kind
You can also make a donation in kind, we need different products such as:

Healing materials
Cleaning articles
Items for dogs

If you want to support us in this way: fill out the following information:

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