About Us

“Milagros Caninos” is a dog sanctuary located in Mexico City. We are dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of dogs that have been cruelly abused by humans, submitted to drugs and even violated.

We give them the opportunity to experience LOVE.


At “Milagros Caninos” you will not see a single cage, none of the dogs are tied or locked up, and they all live freely.

The dogs are kept in groups

The groups are divided in the following:

  • Area for handicapped dogs
  • Area for tortured dogs
  • Area for old aged dogs
  • Area for dogs with cancer
  • Quarantine Area
  • Area for cats
  • Area for rehabilitation
  • Area for therapies

Would you like to visit Milagros Caninos? We welcome you with open arms in our Guided Visits.

About Us

Our founder, Paty Ruiz carries out her first rescue, Bobi. Clavo passes away, one of Paty’s dogs who was also her source of inspiration to create a dog shelter.

Mr. Eduardo Ruiz, an engineer and Paty’s father gave her an “hacienda” located in the south side of Mexico City so she can begin her work as a dog rescuer and she receives her first 18 dogs. “Milagros Caninos” is incorporated as a civil association and is founded as a rehabilitation center for dogs in dire conditions. The first wheel chairs for the area for handicapped dogs were made.

The first Guided Visit takes place. “Milagros Caninos” is named the First Dog Sanctuary in Latin-America and begins to participate in the most important Mexican and international dog expositions. The first chemotherapy is applied in the Area for dogs with cancer. The sponsor program starts through which anyone can contribute as a sponsor for one or more dogs remotely. The tenth monument in the world to Street Dogs is placed on Ave. Insurgentes Sur in Mexico City. An exact replica is also placed in “Milagros Caninos” facilities.

The “Milagros Caninos” dogs become blood donators to save the lives of other dogs. The Special Therapies program starts to help people with special needs, homeless children and the elderly. “Milagros Caninos” performs the first worldwide dog reconstructive surgery with titanium implants (Gruyere). The chapel to “San Roque”, the holy patron of dogs, is inaugurated within “Milagros Caninos” facilities.

The “Perrotoning” event is held in Mexico by Reebok and Purina, and the Mexican designer, Macario Jimenez, invites “Milagros Caninos” to participate in his fashion show. The Veterinary Clinic “Milagros Caninos” is inaugurated within the sanctuary’s facilities, for a better medical attention of the dogs. The first prosthetic implant is carried out for “Pay de Limón” (leg prosthetics). The prosthetics were manufactured in Denver Colorado, USA.

“Milagros Caninos” carries out the first free sterilization campaign, providing service to over 250 dogs in the Xochimilco municipality. The first successful surgery in the world for jaw osteopathy and reconstruction of nasal passages is carried out (Fresa). The sterilization campaigns continue covering more municipalities.

“Milagros Caninos” collaborates with the State of Mexico to carry out free sterilization campaigns and an anti-rabies center is closed for the first time in Mexico (due to its electrocution methods). “Milagros Caninos” organizes the 1st. Animal Wellbeing Congress in Valle de Bravo with the participation of international celebrities, representatives of the Argentinian government, creators of the “Pro-Ownership” program, the nun Pauline Quinn with her dog therapy for convicts, and animal loving celebrities such as Eugenio Derbez and Marco Antonio Regil. The 3-D prosthetics are made in Animal Orthocare in Virginia for “Pay de Limón” and Chocolata. Once again we collaborate with the State of Mexico to destroy all of the anti-rabies clinics’ electrocution machines and to open free public dog parks. Massive sterilization campaigns take place in Villa Victoria and Xochimilco.

Our Staff

Professionals: We have a full-time Medical Director, veterinary assistants, trained aides for the care and attention of the dogs, maintenance personnel and security staff.

Special Friends: People with special needs can benefit from the animals’ love. We open our doors to persons with Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, homeless children, persons with autism and the elderly, who have shown us that, even under their circumstances they are capable of being useful to society and the friendship between a dog and a human being is real and creates bonds. They help with feedings and petting therapy with our dogs.

Volunteers: We are also grateful for the participation of dog lovers who volunteer in our guided visits, expositions and special events

Street Dog Monument


There are over ten monuments around the world, in countries such as Spain, England, Scotland, Japan, United States and Argentina. Paty Ruiz, the founder of “Milagros Caninos” is also the creator of the Street Dog Monument in Mexico.

The process to assign a location lasted approximately for a month, and was carried out with the help of Guillermo Sánchez Torres, head of the Tlalpan municipality. The location that was chosen is located at the corner of Ave. Insurgentes Sur and the Street of Moneda in the south side of Mexico City. The artist chosen to do the sculpture is the Mexican Girasol Botello, graduate from the Mexican School of Plastic Arts. The casting of the sculpture was done by Germán Michel, director of the Mexican Company Campanas Sonoras S.A. It is made in bronze so that it will withstand the weather conditions.

The sculpture was made to the likeness and image of an old age dog of “Milagros Caninos” named “Peluso” who sadly died due to his age four days before the sculpture was revealed in July 2008. A month later, an exact replica of the Street Dog monument was placed in the “Milagros Caninos” facilities, and the body of Peluso was incinerated and his ashes placed inside the structure that holds the monument.

This monument honors all dogs that survive hunger, cold and cruel treatment from humans in the streets of Mexico.

Our Founder

Paty Ruiz is a Mexican activist, writer and public speaker. She has two children: Mike and Ana.

Ever since she was born, her love and sensitivity towards animals has been enormous, the passing of one of her dogs was her inspiration to create “Milagros Caninos”. Since its creation, she has rescued over 500 street dogs in dire situations to provide them with a dignified life.

In 2004, she wrote her first educational story for children:  Bobi, a true story of cruelty, love and gratefulness. She was recognized as the “World Rescuer of the Week” in April 2007. Later on Paty began giving talks in Mexico City and Mexico about animal cruelty.

In July 2008 she installed the tenth monument in the world to Street Dogs is placed on Ave. Insurgentes Sur in Mexico City. Paty was nominated as “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” by Procter & Gamble. In 2009, Paty was chosen as representative for the campaign “Caminando con Gigantes” (Walking with Giants) presented by the Scottish Company Johnnie Walker. She was also nominated for the “Iniciativa México” for the Environment category and becoming one of the 5 finalists.

In 2010, American Express named Paty the Year’s Mexican with the Most Potential and the “Chilango” magazine named her the “Chilanga” of the month for November. Near the end of 2011, Paty was chosen among 1,000 nominees as a “Mexican Role Model” to carry the Olympic torch in London 2012.

In 2012, she participated in a course held in Boston on shelter management in which she spoke in conferences about animal cruelty. She was also chosen as one of the top 100 women in Mexico in the International Women’s Day. In 2013, she was named the most influential women for Mexican girls in the Barbie Awards.

In 2014, she was awarded the Mexican Women’s Award. In 2015, she received an acknowledgment in Argentina for her work in favor of animals. In 2016, she received the State of Mexico Award.

The Inspiration That Gave Birth To “Milagros Caninos”.

In April 2004, my schnauzer “Clavo” died in an unfortunate accident. I always knew what his purpose in life was: to play with my children, keep us company and give us joy. But I could not understand the purpose of his death.

The first thing I did was put up an ad in the obituaries in the newspaper, as a symbol of respect and love for the death of one of our family members. As a result, I began to receive hundreds of letters in the mail of people feeling the same pain, and this helped motivate me to rescue other dogs that needed my help and love.

I would always look to see if there was any dog suffering. My preference for old dogs, or sick dogs or dogs that have been abused helped me make my dream come true of creating a home for dogs under special circumstances.

I still miss Calvo, but now I know perfectly well the purpose of his death: and it is named “Milagros Caninos”. I am sure that wherever he may be, he helps me see even further more than what other people see. He makes my ears hear the lament of unknown suffering, that is probably imperceptible to others. He helps my soul reach out to the suffering of others. It makes other people more sensitive and to see dogs as companions, not as an outlet for their frustrations by hitting them, burning them or starving them to death.

The name “Milagros Caninos” came about because Clavo, from Heaven, encourages me to HELP: a word that doesn’t seem to exist for many. This is why Calvito, no matter where you are, and before anyone, even those who criticize what I do, I thank you eternally for this work that even after your death you make it a reality.