Homeless Children

Homeless children, same as the street dogs, are constantly abused. When they arrived, we told them that we needed sensitive and special people to help us out with the dogs.

Each one would have to choose a dog and bathe it, brush it and fix it up whichever way they wanted to. At the end we would see which one was the best.
The result that day was very gratifying: all of the dogs were beautiful, and what is more important, the children were happy and proud of their work.

That’s how they started, thinking that it was only a job or distraction for them. They didn’t know what was the main objective: to make them feel good about themselves, that they are just as important as everybody else.

Now, when they come to “Milagros Caninos”, the dogs run up to them to greet them and wag their tails because they are so happy to see them. The children hug them and the love is mutual. It is an enormous satisfaction because the children, these children that once came feeling scared, perhaps with a history of criminal behavior, maybe with a horrific past, are received here with the joy and love that all children deserve.

People With Different Abilities

Just like our dogs are special, there is nobody who can take better care for them and play with people that have different abilities.
We receive kids with Down Syndrome or cerebral palsy that provide petting and playing therapy to our dogs.

They spend time with them, play catch with a ball, brush them, feed them or just pet them making the therapy mutual. Who gives therapy to whom? The dogs make a huge progress, but the progress of our kids with special needs is truly significant.

People with drown syndrome are so special that they can give much more than what many may seem to understand. The bond between them and the dogs is real. Besides, the dogs let them bathe them, brush them and put on sweaters easily. Perhaps the dogs know that it is a person with special needs? Or maybe due to their condition they have a different way to give their love?

The Elderly

It is well said that the heart does not grow old, but one of the most serious problems the elderly face is loneliness. The elderly people that collaborate with us feel useful to society, and they get a lot of love in the form of licking.

Through this therapy with our dogs, we set out to provide them with the Company and love they are capable of giving back and thus decreasing their feelings of sadness and loneliness. Some are reminded of their own pets and others simply remember the sensation of being loved and visited.

On the other hand, the simple action of petting a dog strengthens their arms and hands by keeping them active, and walking with them helps them exercise their legs. Also, the heat that the dogs give off help them feel relaxed.

It has been proven that with the mere presence of a dog, the elderly folks become more sociable, active and receptive. They identify the size and colors of the dogs, and differentiate if the dogs have long or short hair. Our visits offer them entertainment and a happy subject for conversation. The therapy continues when they talk about their pets because it activates their memory, and what is even more important, they smile.